Business Services

Tech 911 offers plenty of business services to help you get
and keep your computers and networks up to date, secure and working smoothly.

No Contracts

We won’t lock you in, we'll be there whenever you need us.

Network Management

There’s only one way a business network should operate – securely. Tech 911 will get you up and running fast and securely.

Onsite Support

We’ll send a qualified technician to your business for your convenience and quick turnaround.

Data Recovery

Being a business owner has many risks. Why take unnecessary ones? Tech 911 will help you avoid losing priceless data.

Help Desk Support

Save money! We’ll assist you remotely so you don’t have to hire an IT person.

24-hour Support

Problems don’t just happen 9a-5p. Our support center is available 24-hours. Will your other company do that?

Data Management

You live in the information age. Where will you put it all? How will you find it when you need it? Tech 911 has your solution.

Off-site Back-Up

Disasters happen…security breaches, floods, fire. Think of this as your information insurance. Your insurance company can’t bring your data back but with routine, off-site back-up we can.

Consulting and Training

Tech 911 will assess your needs and keep you onboard with the latest technology assistance. This includes phone, computer, and network infrastructure. We also provide training.

Computer Management

What does this include? Hmm, let’s see: keeping those users with the need to know in and those without out, getting you the latest versions of the software you need, maximizing your use of disk space, maximizing computer speed – in other words, maximizing your dollar. It all comes down to getting the most out of your computers.

Computer Sales

And, of course, to bring our services full circle, we offer new and used computers for sale because we know your business is growing and we want to be there for you as it does.

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