Since our expansion we have extended our business services to residential computer owners to address the growing need for quality computer diagnostic, repair and maintenance service.

Walk-in Repair and Services

Come on over to our shop, we’re open to the public for friendly help when you need it.

Remote Assistance

We can log into your computer from our office without you leaving home.

In-home Support

We’ll come to you for service in the convenience of your own home.

Computer Repairs

Drop your laptop? Spill coffee on it? It’s ok, bring it over we’ll repair it.


Need your network set-up? We’ll set-up wired and wifi networks to get you surfing and emailing securely.

Printer, Scanner and Peripheral Set-Up

Bought a new printer recently? Tech 911 will get you printing or scanning in no time.


PC or MAC we service both.

Antivirus and Spyware Removal and Prevention

Computer acting funny? Tech 911 technicians will remove any viruses, and install virus protection to end all that not so funny business.

Data Back-Up and Recovery

Want to make sure those family photos don’t get lost the next time your computer crashes? Have Tech 911 back it up. Maybe you didn’t, and you had a crash…Bring it in, we also do data recovery to handle those situations.

Data Transfer

Bought a new computer but need to get your files off the old one? Tech 911 can move them for you.

Software upgrades

We’ll do these as needed to keep your computer running efficiently.

Computer Sales

Need a replacement computer? Tech 911 offers computers for sale.